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As an approved Suzuki dealer, MB Marine was pleased to see that industry leading marine company Suzuki has designed a device for outboard motors that filters out microplastics from the water. The new filter (designed by the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project) is a compact accessory that does not affect engine performance or cooling efficiency, and is planned to be introduced as an optional addition to Suzuki motors this year.

Mark Beeley, national sales manager for Suzuki Marine UK & Ireland, commented:

“This is the first time in marine history that an outboard motor system is being utilized to collect microplastics from the ocean.

We are really excited by this announcement. I must congratulate the factory on this ground-breaking development. This is part of Suzuki’s continuing determination to devise innovative solutions. Solutions that mitigate the serious impact of plastic waste on our natural environment.”

What are Microplastics?

Microplastics are pieces of broken-down plastic that are small enough to escape through water filtration systems. These plastics can be derived from textile fibres, plastic packaging, ingredients in personal care products, dust from manufacturing and from larger plastic products such as tires that have broken down into smaller pieces over time. These microplastics are dangerous to marine life when introduced to oceans and rivers as they can be ingested and cause health problems or even death.

Suzuki Clean Ocean Project

As part of the Clean Ocean Project, Suzuki have lead clean-up projects in seas, rivers and lakes where outboard motors are used since 2010, and so far over 8,000 people from 26 countries have participated. To further reduce to the production of plastic, Suzuki parts manufactured from October 2020 onwards are packaged in recyclable paper.

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