At M B Marine, we offer a comprehensive service for all of your outboard motor needs. From basic checks to full rebuilds, our expert team specialise in maintaining the reliability, performance and safety of your motor. 

Our engineers can recommend the best service to fit the needs of your outboard motor, and can help to keep your vessel running smoothly at a great price, using high-quality, genuine parts. 

Even if your vessel has had little use this season, we strongly recommend booking an outboard motor service to ensure that your motor is reliable, operating at its highest capacity, with the best fuel efficiency and safest performance.

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    Improve the performance and efficiency of your outboard motor

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    Maintain optimum safety levels and reduce risk of motor failure

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    Located in Southampton with easy access from marinas in Beaulieu, Christchurch, Lymington and Portsmouth

Mercury outboard servicing
Suzuki Outboard Servicing
Yamaha outboard servicing


FAQs Frequently asked questions relating to outboard motor servicing

Why should I have my outboard motor serviced?

Regularly servicing your outboard motor keeps it reliable and safe. By implementing preventative maintenance such as undoing the nuts and bolts, cleaning the salt from the threads and re-greasing keeps your motor running smoothly, and is far easier (and less expensive!) than drilling out a neglected, snapped bolt.

The salt in seawater is extremely corrosive and can very easily cause the moving parts of your engine to seize if not looked after properly. When your vessel is in storage or in a marina, the engine, wiring, fuel pipes and mechanisms need to be lubricated, cleaned and checked regularly to keep your vessel performing at its best. 

At the end of the day, if your outboard motor lets you down at sea, you can't  just get out and walk home!

How often should I get my outboard motor serviced?

We strongly recommend that your outboard motor is serviced after the first 20 hours of use. After that point, we suggest an annual service, or a service after every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Will a service make my outboard motor perform better?

Yes! Regular servicing of your outboard motor maintains strong engine performance and fuel economy, and sustains the reliability and safety of your motor.

How long does a service take?

Your initial or 20-hour service on a 2.5 hp outboard motor is estimated to take 1 hour. During the service, we complete an oil change and a comprehensive check of the installation.

The 300- and 500-hour services which we provide are likely to take up to 7 hours. When servicing your vessel, we aim to complete the service to your outboard on the same day. If for any reason we cannot complete the service within the day, we will endeavour to leave the engine in a usable condition and continue the service at a more convenient time for you.

How much does it cost to have an outboard motor serviced?

The cost of our outboard motor service is dependent on the engine model, work required and parts required. . If for any reason we expect there to be additional charges incurred, we will contact you before carrying out the additional work. 

For a standard service, we offer a fixed labour price. Please see the Service Price List for our standard service charges.

For a more detailed quote, contact us with your engine model and serial numbers.

How does a service affect my warranty?

For pleasure use, most outboards have a 5 year warranty in most cases.

Outboards covered by manufacturer warranty must be serviced to manufacturers specifications. In most cases this is after the 1st 20 hours of use or 1 – 3 months, which ever comes sooner (see owner's manual for your model). Following the initial service, servicing should take place after every 100 hours of use or annually, which ever comes round sooner.

For commercial users, outboards usually have a warranty of 1-2 years or 1000 hours. The same servicing recommendations apply to pleasure and commercial users.

What makes of outboard can MB Marine service?

MB Marine offers the following outboard motor servicing:

  • Yamaha outboard motor servicing
  • Suzuki outboard motor servicing 
  • Mercury outboard motor servicing
  • Axopar outboard motor servicing