Trading for over 50 years in the marine industry, MB Marine was the first official Yamaha outboard dealer in the UK.

Our expert team specialises in all aspects of Yamaha marine engines. We offer a full range of high-quality outboard servicing and repairs at our authorised Yamaha dealership at Ocean Quay, Southampton and across the South Coast.

Yamaha Outboard Servicing, UK

Regularly servicing your Yamaha marine outboard will keep it reliable and safe, and ultimately prolong its life. Additionally, failure to maintain your outboard by an authorised dealer, as per the manufacturers recommended service guidelines, can invalidate the warranty on Yamaha outboards.

Our expert engineers will recommend the best service for your Yamaha motor, keeping it running smoothly at a competitive price, using high-quality, genuine Yamaha spare parts. 

Yamaha Outboard Repairs

If you need your Yamaha outboard engine repaired, you can rest assured that, as authorised Yamaha dealers, all our repair work is completed to manufacturer's standards using approved parts and in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty.

Yamaha Outboard Winterising

As well as ensuring that your Yamaha outboard boat motor is kept up to date with servicing, it is vital to ensure that it is also properly winterised. Failure to properly winterise your Yamaha marine outboard motor can result in serious damage.  Furthermore, if it is still under warranty, failure to properly maintain and service your outboard as per Yamaha’s guidelines can invalidate your warranty.


Yamaha Outboard Parts, UK

As an official Yamaha outboard engine dealer, we can order any spare part or accessory for your Yamaha outboard motor boat engine and install it for you, either at our workshop or at your preferred location throughout the South.

We also carry thousands of spare parts and accessories in stock, including many parts for Yamaha 2 stroke outboards and Yamaha 4 stroke outboard motors. As approved Yamaha dealers, we only supply genuine Yamaha parts, ensuring top-quality installations and refurbishments.

Yamaha Outboard Sales

As an official Yamaha dealership, we offer new Yamaha outboard motors for sale at competitive prices.


FAQs Frequently asked questions relating to our Yamaha outboard motor services

I'm looking for Yamaha outboard servicing near me. Can you help?

We offer Yamaha servicing at our outboard service centre in Southampton, as well as across the South Coast, from Lymington to Portsmouth. If you are further away, you can find a more local Yamaha dealer by visiting the Yamaha Outboard Dealer Locator.

I'm looking for Yamaha outboard repairs near me. Can you help?

As an authorized Yamaha outboard service centre in Southampton, we offer Yamaha repairs both at our workshop and across the South Coast, from Lymington to Portsmouth. If you are further away, you can find a more local repair centre via the Yamaha Dealer Locator.

I'm looking for Yamaha outboard spares in the UK, but I'm not local. Can you send them to me?

Yes. Our Yamaha outboard engine spare parts can be sent via post or courier. To order a spare part, please visit our Spare Parts page.

My Yamaha 2 stroke outboard is bogging. Can you help?

Yes. We can undertake all types of Yamaha 2 stroke outboard maintenance, repairs, and servicing. This includes resolving issues with the fuel system, such as repairing the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel pump or fuel filter, which can be the cause of outboard bogging.

My Yamaha 4 stroke outboard has an issue with fuel economy. Can you help?

Yes. We can investigate any issues you may have with the performance of your Yamaha engine, including issues relating to the fuel injection system.

When you are servicing my Yamaha 4 stroke outboard, can you winterise it at the same time?

Yes, no problem. Many of our customers book their annual service at the end of the season so that we can winterise their outboard at the same time.