Outboard Preparation

Prepping Your Outboard for Summer with MB Marine

Looking forward to sunny days on the water this summer? Before you launch, be sure to check that your boat is sea-worthy, as long periods of storage can cause damage to your outboard motor. Prepping your outboard for summer is a process that every boat owner should be familiar with to maintain the efficiency and safety of your vessel. MB Marine offer a complete package for those looking for a thorough and professional service of their outboard motor. Here are the things that the experts in our workshop look out for!


Damp storage conditions can corrode rubber parts of your engine, including hoses, and extreme temperatures can cause plastic parts of your boat to crack or become warped. Checking all of your rubber hoses and components for damage is a great way to avoid leaks, which can minimize fuel efficiency.

Usually before storing your vessel for a long period of time, we would recommend draining any fuel left in the tank, as it can corrode your engine when left stagnant for months. Even if you did drain your engine before you stored your vessel, our team like to drain it again to get rid of any leftover residue to help your outboard perform its best.

Tune Up

Tuning up your engine is a must after a long period of storage. Performing a compression test, checking your seals and water pump and testing spark plugs check your fuel efficiency, maximise performance and ensure your safety when out on the water.

Check, Check and Check Again

When preparing your vessel for a busy summer, it is imperative that you check all of your on-board electrics. During one of our de-winterising services, our experts like to check every switch and button from your stereo to your GPS and radar to ensure that they are all in good working order. Rushing this process or failing to check in the first place could jeopardise your safety, and could fail to highlight damage, leading to a more expensive repair job in the future.

Trust Our Experts

If you feel out of your depth with the outboard prep process, our team can help! We offer honest and effective outboard motor servicing to extend the life of your vessel, help reduce costly parts replacements, and keep you safe out on the water. For a quote, get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 02380 388 608 or completing our contact form.

About MB Marine

MB Marine is a family-run business with over 50 years of experience in the marine servicing industry. Conveniently located in Ocean Quay Southampton, Mark and the team provide industry-leading outboard motor servicing, repairs, rigging and approved parts for boat owners and trade across the South Coast and nationwide.