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Outboard Motor Service Southampton:

What’s Involved & Why We Service Outboard Motors

Prepping your outboard motor for long term storage can be relatively easy, and if it’s done properly, will not only lighten your workload when it’s time to get out on the water again but will also help your engine perform better for longer and prevent unforeseen damage. Although there are some great hints and tips to keep your motor running smoothly, it is strongly suggested that your outboard is professionally serviced annually.

After a long winter indoors, it is likely that your outboard motor won’t start first time. It is imperative that in order to maintain optimum performance, you should have your outboard engine serviced annually or after 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. There are several things that boat-owners can do to keep their outboard motor ticking over until that annual service comes around; check out our top tips here.

Don’t leave fuel in the engine

It is commonplace that when outboard motors are left for a long time in the water or in storage, the fuel systems can suffer and it can be difficult to start up the engine. Old, stale petrol in the fuel lines and fuel tank can cause blockages as well as corrosion of the fuel pump or carburettors.

Before storing your outboard motor for the winter, try to make sure that the fuel level is as low as possible and avoid refilling your fuel shortly before storage. Not only is it a waste of money, but it can help to protect the internal fuel systems. MB Marine’s Winterising service can professionally flush out the engine of your outboard motor, check the fuel line and get the engine running first time when it’s boating season again.


Lubricating the engine tilt and steering points can be done at home, but is extremely messy. Lubricating all moving parts will help prevent breakages & damage further down the line.

Propeller checks

Checking your propeller regularly for dents is an activity that should be practised routinely-continuing to use a prop that is damaged, can not only cause your boat to perform poorly, it can increase fuel consumption and damage your engine and gearbox.

Most propellers which are causing damage often don’t ‘look’ damaged, which is why it is one of the most overlooked aspects of the outboard motor. During an outboard motor service at MB Marine, the propeller is checked and replaced if needed, and greased.

General checks

Giving your outboard motor a general once-over and checking the water pump, the cooling system, spark plugs, water pump impeller and other aspects of your 2-stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor benefits the performance and fuel efficiency of your boat. As a general rule of thumb, if you see something that doesn’t look right, bring it to the experienced team at MB Marine.

Outboard motor service Southampton

At MB Marine, we have over 50 years of outboard motor services and repairs under our belts. Located at Ocean Quay in the heart of Southampton, we are easily accessible from Swanwick, Beaulieu, Hamble, Christchurch, Lymington and Portsmouth.

Experts in our field, the team at MB Marine are specialists in Mercury Marine services in Southampton, Yamaha outboard motor services in Southampton and Suzuki outboard motor services in Southampton.

Whether your outboard motor needs a 1st or 100hr service, winterising, repairs, warranty work  or spare parts, we can help. For more information about the services which we provide, call us on 02380 388 608 or email sales@mbmarine.co.uk.