Flush-M Quick Flush for Mercury Outboard motors

Quick Flushing Solution for Mercury Outboard Motors

Introducing the Original Patented Flush-M™ for Mercury —a game-changer designed to seamlessly replace the OEM flush plug on late-model Four Stroke Mercury® Outboard Engines. Engineered with precision, its distinctive features revolutionize repetitive engine flushing, making it an essential addition for both single and multiple-engine boats.

Flush-M™ Mercury® boasts universal compatibility, seamlessly integrating with Verado®, Pro XS®, FourStroke, and SeaPro series engines across all horsepower ratings, from 75HP to 500HP, including V10 models. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with Flush-M™ Mercury®—the ultimate solution for optimal engine maintenance.

Only £60.00 inc. Free UK P&P - Available in Black or White

Innovative Outboard Engine Flushing System for Mercury Outboards

In response to the demand for a more convenient and effective flushing solution, Flush-M™ has pioneered a quick flushing system tailored for Mercury® outboard engines. This cutting-edge system guarantees optimal engine performance by simplifying the flushing procedure, enabling boat owners to effortlessly maintain their engines with minimal time and energy investment.

Key Features and Benefits of the Flush-M™ Quick Flush System:

User-Friendly Design: Effortless installation and flushing process with no complicated setup, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Time-Saving Efficiency: The Flush-M™ Quick-Flush solution simplifies hose connection, enabling swift completion and freeing up more time for enjoying aquatic adventures.

Enhanced Maintenance: Ensure comprehensive cleaning of vital engine components, minimising the risk of corrosion and damage, and promoting the longevity and optimal performance of Mercury® outboard engines.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a diverse range of Mercury® outboard engines, offering universal applicability and accessibility to boat owners across various models.

Compatibility Range: Designed for late-model four-stroke engines ranging from 75HP to 500HP, including ProXS, SeaPro, FourStroke, and Verado models.


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The Flush-M on a Mercury outboard motor is a specialised flushing attachment that simplifies the engine flushing process. It connects directly to the engine's flushing port, allowing users to quickly attach the flushing hose without complex installations or additional tools. This ensures efficient flushing to maintain optimal engine performance and longevity.

Yes. You can run a Mercury outboard motor using the flush port. It allows fresh water to flow into the engine while it's running, flushing out salt and debris to maintain performance.

The Flush-M™ quick flushing solution employs a specialised attachment that directly connects to the Mercury® engine's flushing port, eliminating the need for complex installations and tools. With a straightforward quick-connect mechanism, users can securely attach the flushing hose in seconds. Once connected, fresh water is delivered directly to the engine, effortlessly flushing out salt and debris.